Workout Wednesday

Waking up to Workout

I used to LOVE getting up early to exercise, eat breakfast, and get on with my day. Now, I am struggling to get a “quality” workout it. Yes, I do my exercises through the day, or at the end of the day, but it just isn’t the same energy/me time that…

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That Periodic Workout

  We have all felt that awful rock bottom, too busy to find a consistent 20-25 minutes of peace where you actually want to use that time to exercise. I know that if I get BOTH kids asleep for anything more than 20 minutes I am going to take the…

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Making The Most of Exercising at Home with Kids

(Slides and Dumbbells) Anyone who works out at home, has small children, and is lacking a gym membership knows the struggles that come with finding time to workout. So I’ll share a few tips that I have found help me get 3-4 workouts in a week without having to wake…

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