Starting Vegetable Plants Indoors/ Miniature Greenhouse

Spring is officially here! Thankfully a few weeks ago Kal and I planted our starters for the family garden. I am so excited to get started early this year because last year was a complete failure.

We learned that: our soil is pretty much clay and cannot sustain anything but weeds and more weeds. It even killed tomato plants. The one plant that I counted on to at least bear a few pieces of fruit. I have never seen a plant curl in onto itself like those poor plants did. So this year we have decided to plant the majority of our garden in raised beds.

Thankfully my husbands work had a few leftover crates that will work perfectly for the space that we have. That way we can bring on our own soil, fertilizer, and add whatever else this year to make sure that we have a good harvest throughout the summer. (I’ll update with the transplants later this spring) I am in desperate need of some GMO free/ organic/ way cheaper produce than what we are getting now.

It is crazy the prices that are put on produce with these labels. Especially when it would seem to be cheaper to grow. I guess they have to pay for the label, which as we all know can drive up a price in ridiculous proportions!

This is the finished product!

Row of Plants

To start the project I got out the styrofoam cups and soil, got my seeds all lined up, and let Kal put them into the little holes that I made in the soil. He had a blast! That is until I told him that he couldn’t water them. After a few overflowing cups and a ton of dirt all over the table I had, had enough. There is just so much that a momma can take until she has to take things into her own hands.


These are most of the seeds that I got started that day, some of them went missing this week because Kal decided that since I had placed the plants on his picnic table outside, he could dump the whole thing onto the lawn. I did not stop to get a picture of this because I was too busy trying to save my plants from the tornado of a child that continued to play in the dirt that used to house the 3 week old plants… they had started to look so good too…. Thankfully not all of them were destroyed, but I have no idea what is what anymore.

Anyways, this is what the beginning of the project looked like!

Unfortunately, I forgot to get popsicle sticks, so I dug around in a few drawers and found a mix-matched set of cards and cut them up to make labels for the seeds. Of course this only lasted for the first two weeks. By week three the soil, water, and sun combination began to break them down, so I had to quickly draw out where everything was on a piece of paper so that I would know what was what. Of course, because of the incident mentioned earlier this wasn’t effective anyway.

Zucchini Label

(I seriously advise keeping all plants as far away from little children as possible as well as investing in popsicle sticks… or something like them)

These may seem like, oh duh, to most people, but in the moment, when things were going well I didn’t take the time to think about it. Live, learn, and learn again seems to be my circle of life.

Back to the instruction on how you can make your own miniature greenhouse! Once you have all your little seeds planted and ready to go in their cups and in a basket of some sort, all you have to do is grab a clear tote and throw it over your little starter garden! It works amazing! I really didn’t know if it was going to work at first but sure enough the condensation built up in there during the day and there was still enough air getting in to get to the plants!

Miniature Greenhouse 2

Miniature Greenhouse

I will have to update with pictures of the now fewer, but thriving plants that I have going now. (Had to buy a few extra and start a few late bloomers)

Questions for you: When do you start your garden? Do you start inside or buy plants? Did you have as much trouble as me this year?

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