This Years Resolution

This year my good friend and I decided to go through the Bible together. Up until about a week ago I was doing great, and then I missed two days. If you have never read through the Bible in a year, you won’t understand the devastation that I was feeling. Thankfully I did end up catching up Continue reading

Maple Glazed Banana Bread Bundt Cake

I love banana bread. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a day snack, as a night snack. Anytime can be banana bread time. Since it has banana’s in it, I’ve decided it is a health food. At least I know it can be when it’s made with whole wheat flour, coconut oil etc. Continue reading

Everyone is Sick, Except Dad

How is it that, as a mom, we can stay up all night, get up early, stay up late, all while taking care of everyone in the house (except for ourselves)? Where does the energy and drive come from to do this, not only when we are well, but when we are sick too? I know that one mom will say, “COFFEE”, while another will say, “TEA”, and yet another will say, “as long as I get my Continue reading