Kal-El and Coltons Birthdays

Ahh! I cannot believe that my little boys’ birthdays are here! Colton just had his 1st birthday and Kal is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Time seems to fly the older I get. I’m not quite sure what to think about Colton turning 1, I’m still kind of in denial about that one, but Kal will be turning  3!
I’m much more prepared for this one; even though it’s still hard to see my first little guy getting so big. It’s been amazing watching him grow into this walking, running, swimming, talking, silly, little boy. His transition from single-child to big brother has been just as much a transformation as it has been watching Colton go through his transition from baby-baby to his walking, “talking” self, well he’s getting there; I can understand him and that’s all that matters right now.


I couldn’t decide what picture to use for this post until I ran into this beauty. They had been playing hard and Kal decided that they needed a snack. So I ran inside, got 3 spoons, and filled them to the brim with sunbutter, everyone, including myself had a delicious helping. We eat sunbutter (Sunflower seed butter) instead of peanut butter because I am allergic to peanut butter; Kal isn’t, and I’m not sure about Colton yet. I am PRAYING that he isn’t!

Coltons’ birthday party included; friends, family, and cake. Theme: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This is  Kal’s favorite book, right now, he loves reading it, watching it, and even listening to it. Since Colton’s didn’t really care that’s the theme we went with. It got Kal more,”into it”, and it made it an easy for me to decorate too. If you have ever seen any of Eric Carle’s books you would understand.

Here are some photos from Colton’s birthday party!


He absolutely loved his little police cozy coup car… and so did Kal. I can already tell that it will be the source of a “few” fights to come.


As I was looking through the pictures that I took, I notice that; 1) I did not get a family picture, and 2) We didn’t get a picture of Colton with his candle, party, hat and cake… sad, but we saw it and have the memories.


My sad little caterpillar cake… that was Colton’s birthday party. Short and sweet, full of family and friends. There were a few people that were not able to make it, and we missed them very much, but understand how life, work, and family are much more important, plus social media makes it much easier to catch up and be there in spirit.

Kals birthday on the other hand…. I have no idea. I have asked him a few questions to find out what he might like, so far all I have it: chocolate cake, ice cream, and balloons. Which for a 3-year-old, should be sufficient.

All I know is that it was pretty hard on Kal having to watch his brother get all the attention and presents, but it was VERY good for him. Now it will be interesting to see how Colton does with Kal’s party. I am thinking that this year will be pretty easy, and next year will be a tough one.

What do you think a 3 year old boy would like? What experiences have you had with close siblings and their parties?

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