Faithful Sunday

Teaching Young Children about God

I have been struggling with how I can teach my kids about God and how to introduce them to Him. I know that my toddler has a very short attention span, but when he started to sing the whole alphabet and count to 20, then started singing other songs that…

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Swimming, Treading, Floating, and Drowning Faith

When I think about how I have grown in my faith through the years, I have to think about all of it; not just the good times, but the bad times, and the times that I didn’t even know if I was going anywhere. I think of these times in…

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This Years Resolution

This year my good friend and I decided to go through the Bible together. Up until about a week ago I was doing great, and then I missed two days. If you have never read through the Bible in a year, you won’t understand the devastation that I was feeling.…

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