Easter Kids Project

“He Has Risen” Painted Plank

Plank Painting

He Has Risen Matthew 28:6

This little Easter project is great! All you need is a piece of wood, any size will do, a few colors of non-toxic acrylic paint, a few brushes or sponges, and a permanent marker. I also grabbed a poster board to put under the board to soak up extra paint, and some styrofoam cups cut in half, so that I had a disposable place to put the paint.

Our project started the other day when Colton had finally gone down for a nap, it looked beautiful outside, but it was 30 degrees and windy, so I grabbed our supplies and told Kal that we were going to paint an Easter board. He got all excited, not because he remembers anything about Easter from last year, he was just excited to get the chance to PAINT! Any time that Kal gets around paint he gets so excited! He loves every second of it, from setting up the supplies, to picking out his paint colors, even clean up.

I got all the supplies out on the table, picked out colors that would pretty much all go together, and could be turned into some type of pastel color with some water, and asked him to choose his paints!

Art Supplies

Art Supplies

Of course, the first color he chose was “Orange”, which is yellow, he still has a hard time telling the difference between orange and yellow. He then chose a bright blue, pink, and a dark blurple color. Yes blurple, spelled B-L-U-R-P-L-E.


Kal was so patient waiting for me to get everything set up, and then of course I had to ask him to stay still for one more minute so that I could take a picture of him. Thankfully he likes his picture to be taken, but as you can see, his ultimate priority was to get his hands on the paint brushes and get his paint on… literally.

As you can imagine an excited two year old isn’t going to resist the idea of painting some part of their own body, or even worse to taste it.  I can just hear him thinking, “it looks like candy, so it must taste like it too”.

Kal's Ready to Paint

Kal’s Ready to Paint

It’s so fun to see his little imagination spark, getting the chance to pick colors, then to mix the colors, and to try to figure out what the new color is that he has made. I am somewhat of a control freak… trying to work on that and let my little guy go free. I started out with him having one brush for each color, and when he tried to dip the yellow paint brush into the blue paint I tried to stop him. Of course that had no effect on his curiosity, once I had taken my eye off him for a second he had plunged the paint brush into the blue paint and he made a beautiful green on the board.

This is when I felt like hitting myself in the head. Why was I trying to stop his imagination and curosity? This is how kids learn new things, they test the limits of the world around them, and discover this way. After my blunder, Kal enjoyed mixing all the colors he wanted. I’m sure that it was a much better experience than if I had helicoptered my way into his art project.


I would absolutely be a helicopter mom if I didn’t consciously tell myself that, that is not what he needs. It’s like having to override my mental autopilot and take full control.


Once he had painted the plank he was NOT done painting, so he painted the poster board, some of his shirt, and of course he got some in his mouth, on his face and all over his little hands. Then he wanted to share with mom and decorate me and the camera. It was pretty funny seeing him trying to lunge at the camera from across the table. Thankfully he wasn’t successful, I would have been one sad mama.

To finish up the plank, let the plank dry for about 2 hours or more. Take a permanent marker and write whatever you would like on it. For Resurrection Day, I wrote, “He Has Risen Matthew 28:6”, which says..

Matthew 28:6 (NASB)

 He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said.

Come, see the place where He was lying.


Almost as good as painting, is the clean up. If I would let him, Kal would spend all day playing with the water in the sink, moving dishes from one side to the other, bubbles and all. I just hope that the he keeps his interest in the sink into his teenage years and gets super excited about doing the dishes too… I know this isn’t likely, but a mom can dream right?

Painting Clean Up

Painting Clean Up

I hope that you all have an amazing Easter, Resurrection Sunday, whatever you call it, I pray that you have an great time with family/friends.

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