Baking Healthy{ish} through the Holidays

I know, I know, I know, talking about staying healthy during the season of indulgence is not exactly what people want to be thinking about, but it will be a lot easier on your thighs as well as your digestive system to take a little care of yourself this time of year. Thankfully there are a TON of recipes that cater to this exact subject, and I am obsessed with a few of them. Yes, it is a lot cheaper, Continue reading

DIY (Ugly) Christmas Tree Star!

This year my husband and I are going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which it’s wonderful and all, but it is making the holidays more challenging in the sense of priorities, and what we really “need” and not what we just want. Which is actually mostly me wanting to make Christmas a certain way since the boys are only 3 and 1. As long as they are getting to spend time with Mom and Dad, and they know what Christmas is really about; talk about Jesus and why he was born, well that’s the only thing that matters. At their age they literally have NO expectations for Christmas Continue reading

Tis’ the Season

Nativity Scene

Well it is that wonderful time of year. There’s decoration, caroling, presents, and warm hot cocoa galore! I know that there are grinches out there that are a downer on the season and yes, I understand those who are opposed to the seasons festivities because they see all of the focus going to spending lots and lots of money, and presents, and selfishness, and all the down sides that come with

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Apple-Carrot Spice Dish

I really wish that I had taken pictures while I was making this little dish. I have made it about 4x this week already, and haven’t taken the time to do this one thing.

The reason that this has become so popular in my home is not only because it is very yummy, but it has also been a little forced since my 1 year old has started to have a sensitivity to something that has to do with wheat/oat/rice products that are processed in some way. Then again a few of the things that I have feed him that he seemed to have a reaction to were not processed at all. It is a huge guessing game at this point, but we have noticed that keeping grains and other products like it out of his diet has helped him not break out as much, so here we are.

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Waking up to Workout

I used to LOVE getting up early to exercise, eat breakfast, and get on with my day. Now, I am struggling to get a “quality” workout it. Yes, I do my exercises through the day, or at the end of the day, but it just isn’t the same energy/me time that I once used to enjoy. Yes, it’s better than not working out at all, but I know that I would enjoy it so much more if I just sucked it up and got up early again.

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Kal-El and Coltons Birthdays

Ahh! I cannot believe that my little boys’ birthdays are here! Colton just had his 1st birthday and Kal is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Time seems to fly the older I get. I’m not quite sure what to think about Colton turning 1, I’m still kind of in denial about that one, but Kal will be turning  3!
I’m much more prepared for this one; even though it’s still hard to see my first little guy getting so big. It’s been amazing watching him grow into this walking, running, swimming, talking, silly, little boy. His transition from single-child to big brother has been just as much a transformation as it has been watching Colton go through his transition from baby-baby to his walking, “talking” self, well he’s getting there; I can understand him and that’s all that matters right now.


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How-To Use Epsom Salt – 8 Amazing Uses

Epsom Salt

If you have never used epsom salt before then you should definitely read the rest of this post because you have stumbled upon a golden nugget here. I hadn’t started using it until a few years ago. I really wish that I had known about it when I was in high school playing basketball, volleyball, and running track. It would have really helped me recover a lot faster…. even though looking back I recovered way faster back then than now!

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Essential Oils and My Family

Essential Oils have become a huge part of my families daily routine.  When I started using them all I had was melaleuca (tea tree oil) and peppermint oil. I had no idea what to do with it for the first 6 months that I had them. They just sat in my pantry with the jar of pickles that had been forgotten  until my husband started to get a nasty sore throat/cough/the yuck.

He was going to go to Walgreens and grab some decongestant, but last minute decided to grab the melaleuca and peppermint, heated up a warm cup of water, and put 2 drops of melaleuca and 3 drops of peppermint into the cup. He then proceeded to gargle and spit the whole glass. The effects were AMAZING! He instantly had relief. This was great because whenever he had picked up this bug before, it had lasted at least 2 weeks if not three. I had to learn more.

Essential oils

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Starting Vegetable Plants Indoors/ Miniature Greenhouse

Spring is officially here! Thankfully a few weeks ago Kal and I planted our starters for the family garden. I am so excited to get started early this year because last year was a complete failure.

We learned that: our soil is pretty much clay and cannot sustain anything but weeds and more weeds. It even killed tomato plants. The one plant that I counted on to at least bear a few pieces of fruit. I have never seen a plant curl in onto itself like those poor plants did. So this year we have decided to plant the majority of our garden in raised beds.

Thankfully my husbands work had a few leftover crates that will work perfectly for the space that we have. That way we can bring on our own soil, fertilizer, and add whatever else this year to make sure that we have a good harvest throughout the summer. (I’ll update with the transplants later this spring) I am in desperate need of some GMO free/ organic/ way cheaper produce than what we are getting now.

It is crazy the prices that are put on produce with these labels. Especially when it would seem to be cheaper to grow. I guess they have to pay for the label, which as we all know can drive up a price in ridiculous proportions!

This is the finished product!

Row of Plants

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Easter Kids Project

“He Has Risen” Painted Plank

Plank Painting

He Has Risen Matthew 28:6

This little Easter project is great! All you need is a piece of wood, any size will do, a few colors of non-toxic acrylic paint, a few brushes or sponges, and a permanent marker. I also grabbed a poster board to put under the board to soak up extra paint, and some styrofoam cups cut in half, so that I had a disposable place to put the paint.

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